Garden Gloves Candle

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Garden Gloves mixes wild mint with blood orange and light herbs. Mint is one of those plants that just seems to be everywhere in the garden - those pesky little runners can get away from me! They are forever picking mint for tea, or for flower bouquets, or pulling it out of a bed it doesn't need to be in, so it is a scent that means summer to us. They added some light herbs and the fresh scent of blood oranges for a unique spring time scent.  7th Street Salvage Candles custom blends all their scents, so you won't find any candles that smell like theirs!  They chose a beautiful blue/green recycled glass as their large candle jar. Their handmade candle lids are made in their woodshop using antique reclaimed wood from their scrap pile.  When finished with your candle, the large jars can be used as drinking glasses or beautiful vases. They use a mix of soy/coconut and beeswax. Finished with phthalate-free fragrance oils, and lead-free cotton wicks. Large 9.5 oz