Love Like Chocolate

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A deliciously sweet story of family, traditions, and chocolate! The perfect book for any time you want to tell someone "I love you."

As a family welcomes an adopted little girl to their home, her brother takes it upon himself to teach his new sister their traditions. For good days and bad, for birthdays, holidays, and everything in between, their family always celebrates with chocolate. They make superchewy chocolate chip cookies in the spring, very-berry chocolate-cherry mousse in the summer, chocolate banana pancakes in the fall, and warm chocolate sauce in the winter. But the boy soon realizes that his sister might have favorite treats of her own, and that if they work together, they can create new traditions and memories together.

Inspired by the author's adoption of her daughter--and by her grandmother's chocolate sauce recipe (included in the back of the book)-- Love Like Chocolate is a mouthwatering celebration of family.