Prayers for the People

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A collection of timely, stirring, and witty prayers that give language to the full breadth of our everyday experiences--from joy to sorrow, and everything in between


"This is the prayer book I need right now, full of humor and beauty, candor and holy longing."--Jeff Chu, co-curator of Evolving Faith and author of Does Jesus Really Love Me?


In his debut collection of short-form prayers (aka collects), Terry Stokes names many things we didn't realize we could pray for, such as student loan debt cancellation, strength when we're about to make small talk, and restraint when we have the opportunity to be petty. The collection features an impressive range of humor and inspiration, and spans lament and solidarity, including prayers for


- when one dreads the thought of returning to work on Monday
- when one has been left on read by a friend
- before shooting one's shot
- after shooting one's shot
- before walking into Target
- when one fears getting canceled
- those working in retail
- when one's team is struggling


These tender, moving, and entertaining prayers invite us to access the wonder and joy of God's presence in every situation we encounter. By putting words to the emotions and needs that lie beneath our petitions, our celebrations, and our protests. Stokes's prayers make for an engaging and heartfelt read that will delight and encourage any person of faith in the modern age.