BULK ORDERS with The Bookshelf

We're so glad you chose The Bookshelf for your bulk order.

We offer discounts for bulk orders.

Up to 10 books - 10% off purchase

Up to 20 books - 20% off purchase

25 or more books - 25% off purchase

After submitting your bulk order form, our retail manager Olivia will be in touch within 24 hours or 1 business day.  If you have a large order with multiple ISBNs, please put the information in an Excel/Google spreadsheet and email it to Olivia at manager@bookshelfthomasville.com.

Why choose the bookshelf for your bulk order?

"The Bookshelf has been a lifesaver and a game changer for purchasing books for the Cairo High School Media Center.  In today's world, students see opportunities to read in a variety of locations and come to our library to obtain the books they want.  It is important for us to be current and relevant for our patrons as well as fast and efficient.  It is also important that we accommodate the standards of learning our teachers are trying to achieve.  All of these factors can be daunting for one person and The Bookshelf has alleviated so many of the issues we have had with book ordering in the past.  They work with us on title choices, binding preferences,  and offer a variety of services, all while using the school budget within the local economy." - Jenny Harrison, Cairo High School