Adult Shelf Subscription

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Books from your favorite indie, delivered right to your door! Our Shelf Subscription service features newly released titles chosen by your favorite Bookshelf staffers.



If you follow our shop podcast, you know Annie loves character-driven literary fiction featuring strong protagonists. Her monthly selections lean toward original voices you'll want to read with your book club and share with your best friends. Past subscription titles include: Mercury, Leaving, Anita de Monte Laughs Last, and Clear.


Olivia's loved the thrill of a good mystery novel since she was a kid, and her subscription titles often feature compelling whodunits. If you love curling up with a well-written thriller on a dark and stormy night, Olivia's picks are for you. Past subscription titles include: Midnight, Antique Hunter's Guide to Murder, The Book of Doors, and The Stars Turned Inside Out.


A lot of our customers are often looking for more PG-13 titles, and a Susie/Nancy selection is the perfect solution! Each month, Shop Mom Susie and staffer Nancy will alternate choosing a book for more sensitive readers — or for anyone who prefers feel-good fiction and nonfiction. Past subscription titles include: Fragile Designs, The Women, The Great Divide, and All We Were Promised.


This subscription option features selections from Annie’s dad, Chris. He appreciates thoughtful fiction and nonfiction, often about history, sports, nature, and religion. His favorite reads of the last year include: The Curse of Pietro Houdini, The Bullet Swallower, A Short Walk Through a Wide World, and Demon of Unrest. (If you’ve got a picky male reader in your life, this option might be your best bet!)


We are absolutely thrilled that bestselling author Annabel Monaghan (Nora Goes Off Script, Same Time Next Summer, and the newly releasing Summer Romance) has agreed to choose one of her favorite books releasing in July!  If you love Annabel's realistic characters and dialogue, and her fun and heartfelt stories, you will love the book she picked for July.  Get this one month only, special Shelf Subscription now!


Can't decide which staffer is right for you? When you purchase a "surprise me" subscription, you'll have the opportunity to tell us what books and genres you love. Each month, we'll select one of our staffer's picks for you based on your tastes and preferences; like a box of chocolates, you'll never quite know what you're going to get! Recommended for adventurous readers.

Members can sign up for 1, 3, or 12 month subscriptions; just tell us which staffer your tastes are most like -- or ask us to surprise you! For example, select Annie's subscription, and you'll receive Annie's choices each month. Request a “Surprise Me,” and we'll keep your personal tastes in mind when sending one of our monthly selections your way. 

Our Shelf Subscriptions are perfect for readers who want to broaden their literary horizons, or for book lovers who want to eliminate "decision fatigue" and let us pick their next book!