An Autobiography of Skin

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Heat. Fire. Rain so blue. The blackness. The color of our hue.


A magisterial, intimate look at Black womanhood: the grief that is carried within the body and the bonds of love that grant strength.


"Powerful in its love for the generations of Black women at its heart... Lakiesha Carr unspools her stories with a patient fearlessness, venturing into unexpected places and unique perspectives to fully illuminate them." --Dawnie Walton, author of The Final Revival of Opal and Nev


A middle-aged woman feed slots at a secret, back-room parlor. A new mother descends into a devastating postpartum depression, wracked with the fear that she is unable to protect her children. A daughter returns home to join the other women in her family waging spiritual combat with the ghosts of their past.


An Autobiography of Skin is a dazzling and masterful portrait of interconnected generations in the South from a singular new voice, offering a raw and tender view into the interior lives of Black women. It is at once a powerful look at how experiences are carried inside the body, inside the flesh and skin, and a joyous testament to how healing can be found within--in love, mercy, gratitude, and freedom.