Billion Dollar Girl

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From the bestselling author behind Disney's The Swap comes a profoundly moving novel about one girl's unforgettable journey to discover that life's true jackpot might not be what it seems. Full of joy and moxie, Billion Dollar Girl grabs hold and won't let go.


River Ryland is the girl everyone wants to be around. But this brave 13-year-old has a secret that's getting harder and harder to hide: she lives mostly alone in a ramshackle, single-wide trailer with a mom who drops in and out of her life.


After a visit from Social Services goes horribly wrong, longing for security, River sets off on the run. Soon, a case of mistaken identity gives River a chance to live a life that she had never even dreamed. But, when her newfound safety is shattered, River discovers, against all odds--one in 307 million, to be exact--that life's true jackpot isn't anything that it seems.


A simultaneously heart-wrenching and exhilarating exploration of what we value, suspenseful and wise, Billion Dollar Girl by Megan Shull is a deeply-felt reminder that we are inexplicably intertwined; a hopeful story of our times.