Extra Ordinary: A Memoir

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What does it mean to be extraordinary? Are our lives only worth recounting if they contain heroic tales or fairy tale endings?


Even if you haven't accomplished great feats in life - maybe you've been a grocery store clerk for the last 10 years, or haven't ever left your home state; maybe you're a stay at home mom or any other "average joe" - your extra ORDINARY story contains beauty and magic that we often overlook without sharing with the world.


And this book is exactly that. A tale of an ordinary girl - a regular Pollyanna - who grew up in Georgia in an ordinary family that loved Jesus, homeschooled their children and spent Saturday mornings eating donuts with each other.


But in the ordinary stories of her life - in the mundane moments between school and church - Author Sarah Shearer has found the real magic and beauty of the world. The power of human connection. The majesty of an unwavering faith in God. The exquisiteness of faith in oneself and our own abilities. The delight of family and friends. The charm of weekly trips to the grocery store and auto mechanic.


In her memoir, Shearer recounts ordinary moments of her life and connects them to the world and faith in God in a much larger way, in hopes of inspiring all of us ordinary folks to see the real magic in our own lives.