How to Put a Dinosaur to Bed

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In Alycia Pace's board book How to Put a Dinosaur to Bed, join two siblings as they learn the value of sleep, with a cute triceratops. Bedtime struggles made fun and easy!

Having a dinosaur is SO much fun, but taking care of them can sure make you TIRED. Especially if your dinosaur keeps you up ALLLLLL night long. So how do you get a dinosaur to go to bed and STAY in bed? Along with a cute triceratops, two siblings learn the value of sleep as they attempt to put their dino to bed.

Every parent knows the bedtime power struggle can be a waking nightmare, but with a solid routine and gentle reminders, children can learn the tools they need to stay in bed. This hilarious board book places children in the teaching role and allows them to learn the skills for themselves in a fun, easy way.