Interior Castle: The Complete Original Edition

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An essential work of Christian mysticism.

Interior Castle is the latest title in the Essential Wisdom Library, a series of books that seeks to bring spiritual wisdom--both modern and ancient--to today's readers. This new edition of the pivotal spiritual classic is a must read for seekers and believers alike.


St. Teresa of Avila was one of the greatest Christian mystics, and dedicated her life to understanding how the soul can ascend to union with God. Interior Castle is her master work and a powerful guide for all seeking to explore prayer as an act of mystical, divine union.


Interior Castle was inspired by a vision wherein St. Theresa saw a crystalline castle with God at the heart. The book is framed around the seven mansions that made up this castle, each one a stage of the journey of faith, ending with ultimate communion with God. St. Teresa's writings have inspired and guided generations of readers as they seek to develop a deeper understanding of divinity through mystical experience with God.