Juneberry Blue

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Taking inspiration from Sleeping Beauty and charming small towns, this contemporary magical realism novel includes a mistaken destiny, a dying town, and a determined ghost cat.


Eleven-year-old Andie Jennings, of Morning Glory, Virginia (population: 8), is set to inherit her family's magic on Midsummer's Eve. And Andie plans to use it to bring her dad home for good from his long-haul trucking job. Except her gift doesn't come.


But when a see-through cat starts following her, Andie realizes she didn't fail to get her magic at all. Her gift just isn't what anyone expected. Turns out, her new ability to communicate with the ghosts she can suddenly see may be the very thing that Morning Glory--and her own family--needs.


Inspired by storytelling and tales passed down through generations, Juneberry Blue celebrates the importance of listening to stories--and the people who tell them.