Max Meow 5: Attack of the Zombees (A Graphic Novel)

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Max Meow--the superhero with cat-itude and his best friend, Mindy (aka Science Kitty!) are back in this action packed, laugh-out-loud funny graphic novel series that's "catnip for fans of Dav Pilkey's Dog Man" (Kirkus Reviews).


Bad Guys are after Kittyopolis's bees--can Max and Mindy stop them, BEE-fore it's too late?!


Buzzzz off bad guys! There's a new villain in Kittyopolis--Dr. ZomBEE! And he has it in for the city's bees! (Boy, does that sting!). Why would anyone want to hurt bees?! And who is Dr. ZomBEE? It's a Kittyopolis mystery!


Can Max and Mindy get to the bottom of it or are they about to BEE stung?! Find out what the buzz is about in the fifth laugh out loud funny Max Meow graphic novel!