Meditation for the Real World: Finding Peace in Everyday Life

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Did you know that meditation can help you feel better - both mentally and physically - starting right now?


No matter how busy you are, wherever you are, your age, or what you are going through, meditation offers simple, fast relief and can support you in your day-to-day life. Through science-backed, practical and accessible guidance, this book will show you how meditation can work for you.


Balm your soul and body with over 75 can-do meditation techniques to build into your daily routine. Whether you want to practise on a mat or take your experience elsewhere - when walking, running and swimming; using sound and music; with art and creativity - discover which method works best for you.


Meditation for the Real World will also address specific moments of need, such as how to find calm before a stressful situation such as a flight; to enhance focus before a big presentation; to reduce inflammation and pain; and much more, each with the science to support the practice.


With a foreword by Dr Sara Lazar, meditation and yoga researcher at the Harvard Medical School and Massachusetts General Hospital.