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In this pulse-pounding thriller, a once-in-a-lifetime trip to Antarctica--to camp beneath the legendary midnight sun--becomes a desperate battle for survival against a killer determined to follow their prey to the ends of the earth.




Olivia Campbell has always dreamed of spending a sunlit night on the frigid Antarctic continent. But as an actuary who assesses risk for a living, she never imagined she would have the chance. So when her career takes an unexpected detour, and her boyfriend--a high-powered art dealer with a taste for the finer things in life--decides to stage an ostentatious, career-making auction on a luxury liner to Antarctica, Olivia is thrilled. That is, until things start to feel a bit strange. In addition to the scores of wealthy patrons and potential buyers, they'll also be traveling alongside a small group of beleaguered employees of Pioneer Adventures--the company responsible for managing the ship--and their charismatic, divisive CEO.


When the first bodies are discovered, it's easy enough for Olivia to write it off as a terrible accident. But as the situation heats up and the temperatures continue to plummet, she begins to wonder whether she might have booked a one-way ticket to her own demise.