No More Naps!

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Imagine if you could steal your toddler's nap? This picture book debut from a #1 New York Times bestselling author turns the universal dilemma of getting kids to sleep upside down!


It's time for a nap, but Annalise Devin McFleece wants NOTHING to do with bedtime. Dad tries to encourage sleepiness by pushing Analise through the park, and when they pass a dog walker, a skate boarder, a juggler, and more, each of them thinks that taking a nap is a GREAT idea. So if Annalise Devin McFleece doesn't want hers...perhaps they'll take it! One by one, everyone falls asleep EXCEPT Annalise Devin McFleece. But when she's finally ready for her nap, all the naps are taken! Is there anyone who has an extra nap to spare?


With every turn of the page, the busy city scene becomes more and more quiet...except for Annalise Devin McFleece.


Will she ever take a nap?