Peace in the Dark: Faithful Practices as We Wait for the Light

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How do we stay faithful as we wait on God?

The time after Good Friday but before Easter Sunday is one of the most overlooked portions of the Bible. We tend to rush ahead to the empty tomb seeking to find the resurrected Lord, but our lives don't come equipped with a fast-forward button. We all face seasons of waiting where we long for a new or better future.

Peace in the Dark invites you to look again and acknowledge the reality of Holy Saturday. The example of the early disciples in those in-between hours offers a depth of wisdom about what to do when things have gone wrong. Their practices can serve us as we face our own disappointments, trials, and even traumatic experiences. There is a way to not just live but to experience peace when God seems silent. Rooted in Scripture, nature, and her personal experiences of years of trial, Jessica Herberger guides us through what was happening on that day, why it matters, and how we can approach our Holy Saturdays with hope and faithfulness.