Taylor Swift Style: Fashion Through the Eras (October 8th, 2024)

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This gorgeous, four-color book of Taylor Swift's fashion evolution is a journey through all 10 eras with over 200 photographs—this is the book that Swifties have been waiting for!

For Taylor Swift, fashion and music go hand-in-hand—each playing a powerful role in shaping the narrative of this generation’s most prolific storyteller. Red lipstick isn’t just a makeup choice—it’s the emblem of an era. A mini skirt isn’t simply part of a cute outfit—it’s a coat of armor. From cowboy boots to teetering heels, fairytale dresses to bleach-tinged tresses, and the many memorable moments in between, Taylor Swift Style tells the fashion story behind every single Taylor Swift album, tracing Swift’s musical evolution along with her ever-changing personal style.

From red carpet looks, to streetwear, to tour costumes, Sarah Chapelle of the successful Instagram and blog Taylor Swift Style, has spent more than a decade documenting Swift’s fashion choices and exploring the meaning behind each ensemble. Her deep dives into albums, songs, and behind-the-scenes insights paint a portrait of a megastar who knows exactly what she is doing. Taylor Swift Style seeks to explain the ‘why’ behind Swift’s outfits—the easter eggs and deeper meanings behind every hemline and haircut—that speak to the emotional context of each musical moment.

With over two hundred photos dating from Swift’s earliest days as a country singer in Nashville, up through the present, paired with insightful commentary, Taylor Swift Style is a one-of-a-kind keepsake for Swifties.