That Sounds So Good

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Recipes to match every mood, day of the week, and vibe from the beloved, James Beard Award-winning author of Where Cooking Begins.
  • Carla Lalli Music believes that delicious food is an essential and attainable part of life, as important as a good night's sleep or getting dressed in the morning. The key is to have recipes up your sleeve for every situation. Carla knows that the most successful home cooks choose dishes they actually have time to make, based on what they already have on hand.
  • Bold, unique flavors with straightforward methods and swap-friendly ingredients
  • That Sounds So Good will feature a stylish, 70s-esque design with a bold, eye-catching color palette, with 125 full-color photographs throughout. The trim size will match that of Where Cooking Begins, making the two books an irresistible set.