The Group Trip (August 6th, 2024)

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Firefly Lane meets Happy Place in this touching southern-set novel about what it means to grow up together-hopefully without growing apart.

Told through dual timelines, Ingram paints a stunning portrait of friendship for fans of Kristy Woodson Harvey.

Sloane and Alden. Chloe and sometimes Luke. Steady Marianne. Reserved Wyatt. The six friends meet in their freshman year of college and quickly become inseparable as they navigate the bumpy road into adulthood. Over the next decade, they support each other through love and heartbreak, promotions and burnouts, stupid mistakes and epic dance parties.

But when Chloe inexplicably refuses Luke's long-awaited proposal, their breakup fractures the close-knit group. Uncertain about the future of their friendship, they all reluctantly agree to gather for a luxury getaway on Florida's Emerald Coast. As Chloe struggles to mend what she broke, the friends discover they've all kept secrets from the people who are supposed to know them best. Between beach bonfires and fried seafood dinners, the friends confront who they've become, while longing for their carefree past.

For everyone who has felt both the joy and pain of changing friendships, The Group Trip offers a poignant exploration into matters of the heart.