The In Crowd (August 6th, 2024)

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From the celebrated author of The Other Half comes a fabulous whodunit about two cold cases in which things go missing: a fourteen-year-old girl and a multi-million-dollar pension fund.


Early one morning, a men's rowing team discovers a body floating face down in the Thames. Many years before, the chief executive of a clothing manufacturer walked off with a multi-million dollar corporate retirement fund and disappeared without a trace. Now, the discovery of this body has reopened that cold case.


Meanwhile, Detective Inspector Caius Beauchamp has his own evening at the theater upended by the discovery of a dead body just a few seats away. Two decades ago, Eliza Chapel, a fourteen-year-old student at a girls boarding school in Cornwall, disappeared in the middle of the night under dubious circumstances. A second body and a second cold case reopened.


As DI Caius Beauchamp--along with his associates Matt Chung and Amy Noakes--investigates these parallel missing persons cases, he finds himself ensnared in the unexpected political machinations of a duke-in-waiting. This is yet another masterful mystery from Charlotte Vassell that is every bit as pointed as it is poignant.