The Midnight Post and the Postbox Clock (The Midnight Post #1)

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Legend has it, there once was a world where emptiness reigned, until a magical post office appeared unexplained.


In the golden days of Frederick the Fox's youth, Frederick would embark on enchanting summer vacations to visit his clever and charming Uncle Fenwick. However, as years slip by, Frederick's once hopeful spirit has become deflated by a job in the bustling city. Yet, everything changes when a mysterious package falls onto his desk, whisking him back to Burrowood, the forgotten town of his cherished childhood memories, to run his uncle's bookstore, The Lost Chapter.


But nothing is as Frederick expects.


Submerged in vines, his uncle's once vibrant bookstore is now in ruins. To his surprise, some of the rambunctious animal residents are eager to form genuine friendships. And most mysterious of all, a magical post office he once believed as a myth has just sent him a letter.


What in the wood?