This Little Kitty

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With a bold, graphic style and a bouncy, rhyming text, this picture book catches rascally kittens being their adorable (and mischievous!) selves from morning to nap to night.


This little kitty starts the day and meows, "Wake up! It's time to play! All the little kitties get out of bed. Their bellies grumble--it's time to be fed.
Read along as these frisky felines pounce and play, claw and climb, and snack and sleep --until daylight fades and these little kitties are ready to receive some love and affection. Filled with bright and playful illustrations, here is an adorable picture book by debut author-illustrator Karen Obuhanych, featuring many delightful cats --all brimming with purrsonality --that will charm cat lovers and kids alike.