Under the Blanket Sky

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An extraordinary debut picture book about a boy and his unusual friend--a majestic owl--and a long yet fleeting summer that changes them forever.


In the spirit of The Velveteen Rabbit and Robert Frost's poem "Nothing Gold Can Stay," here is a heartfelt and luminously illustrated story about friendship and eternal love.


A lonely young boy is visited by a mysterious owl one sunny morning, forming an instant bond and a sense of belonging. What follows is a memorable summer full of playful adventures and shared, quiet joy. But when the owl must eventually continue his journey onward, the boy and the reader are left to reflect on the bittersweet nature of the passing of time, ultimately finding comfort in the remembrance of those who have passed through our lives and changed us forever.


This stunning and unique book--which feels instantly both new and classic--is sure to spark beautiful conversations as families share it together. It embraces the inevitability of having to say goodbye and celebrates the stillness of ordinary places and the shimmering beauty that can be found there should we take the time to wait and listen.