Welcome to Feral

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How many kids will go missing before this small town admits it's haunted? Find out in this freakily fun new graphic novel series!


Feral has everything a town should have: Main Street, City Hall, a population just over sixteen thousand . . .


But Feral also has secrets. Mysteries. Unexplained disappearances.


In five spooky stories, an intrepid resident invites readers to look a little closer at this scenic rural town. Are you game to investigate what's going on in Feral? If you pay attention, you might notice something where it shouldn't be.


Be careful, though. Whatever you do, do not go into the Messner Mansion. Don't say we didn't warn you!


With vibrant art, clever humor, and heaps of unsolved mysteries, animator Mark Fearing conjures a fearsome saga out of small-town terrors. The first entry in this inventive new series is sure to scare young readers silly. Don't miss the next adventure: Last Exit to Feral!